Handheld LED Brilliance Found Nowhere Else

The Technology Challenge

Since the beginning of endoscopy, providing sufficient illumination has been difficult.

With the advent of LED light source technology, many of the problems of weight, size, heat and noise have been eliminated, but the challenge of getting enough light remained. With as much as 60% of the light generated by a typical LED never making it to the fiber optic, most of the light was being wasted. Acera has solved the problem of how to fully harness the light output of an LED into the fiberoptic.  

So What is the Problem?

It's all about the angles

An LED emits light in a hemispherical pattern with a 180 degree output angle. However an optical light guide will only accept light which arrives within a 27 degree cone. Any light outside that cone just goes through the side of the fiber and is lost.

The most advanced LED technology on the planet
Acera Technoloy LED light patented lens graphic
Acera technology - exploded view of LED lighting module
Acera Technology - LED lighting module

That’s it! You have to see the result to believe it. More light at the distal end of the light guide than you would believe possible.

OEM Capable

Acera components and technology are available for incorporation into your products.

Acera handheld LED light source for endoscopy
Acera Technology - chip and cord components of LED module

Our Handheld Light Source technology allows your scope to be totally mobile.

The Acera Handheld Light Source upgrades your flexible or rigid endoscope to a truly portable and mobile tool. You will be able to move freely, unrestricted by cables, eliminating fan noise and machine maintenance. Acera has combined patented optics, and a best-in-class LED, producing an extremely bright daylight balanced endoscopic handheld light source. Made in the USA.

Acera EndoscopicHandheld LED Light Source