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We understands the importance of light in endoscopy. Successful results depend entirely on the quantity and quality of the light at the distal end of the scope. The light must be of sufficient intensity and correct color temperature. Above all, it must have a high color rendering index (CRI).

The traditional industry standard for endoscope illumination is the xenon bench-top light source with a tethered light-guide. Acera meets or exceeds this standard with greatly increased mobility. More importantly, it does so at a reduced cost.

Acera handheld LED light source for endoscopy

The Acera Light Source provides true color temperature (5000 K), CRI similar to a xenon lamp. As a result, it has very high intensity. In addition, it is free from the cumbersome and intrusive light guide tether.

Our Portable, Battery-Operated Light Source mates directly with adapters for Universal, Richard Wolf and ACMI endoscopes and borescopes.  That is to say, you can replace the light guide tether with a lightweight, variable intensity, LED light source. In short, it provides the brightness and color rendering index (CRI) you need to see variation.

Acera leading edge endoscopic LED light source

Unmatched Performance

Acera has effectively solved the perennial problem of providing enough light, with the correct intensity and color, at the distal tip of an endoscope.

The LED Module by Acera is the only untethered light-source of its type to provide the quality and intensity of light required by modern endoscopy.

Acera designs leading LED endoscopic products for medical device and industrial OEM's

Our products are available for all medical and industrial applications. Products range from complete, ready-to-use handheld light sources to components for O.E.M. manufacturers and systems integrators.

Private labeling is available.


Borescope and endoscope use in industrial applications is often severely hampered by the bench-top light source and tethered light guide because of limited mobility.


Medical professionals require very high quality light. More importantly, it should be of variable intensity to ensure the best outcome from endoscope assisted procedures.


Acera's light source comprises patented technology. Consequently its components enable an unprecedented amount of light from an LED to be focussed into an optical fiber.

Freedom with Superior Illumination

The Acera Handheld Light Source upgrades a flexible or rigid endoscope to a truly portable and mobile tool. With this battery powered unit, you will be able to move freely, unrestricted by cables. Moreover, we have combined patent pending optics, and a best-in-class LED to produce this powerful handheld endoscopic light source.

Acera EndoscopicHandheld LED Light Source

The Embeddable LED Lighting Module by Acera is Revolutionizing Medical LED Lighting

• Patent Pending TIR Elliptical Optic
• Battery and/or Wall Power
• Heat Sinks & Mounting
• Engineering Support
• Internal Light Guide Adapters
• Autoclavable or Disposable

At MassMEDIC’s MedTech Forum in November 2017

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