The Acera Handheld Light Source comprises patented technology and components which enable an unprecedented 90% of light from an LED to be focussed into an optical fiber light guide.

LED light sources using Acera technology result in more than twice the light intensity at the distal end of any optical fiber, compared to conventional LED light sources.

Acera technology, applied to your product, can:

  • Increase intensity
  • Reduce heat generation
  • Increase battery life

Acera light sources and other components are available as OEM components for incorporation into your design.

Acera offers components and complete products with private labeling.

Developer Kit

A comprehensive kit of components designed to enable you to experiment with Acera technology in your own lab.

The Acera TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Lens is a Winner in LED's Magazine

2016 & 2017 – “Sapphire Award for Best Enabling Technology”¬†

2018 – “Sapphire Award for Specialty SSL Design”

Partner with Acera, the leader in Endoscopic LED lighting

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