Medical professionals require very high quality light with easily variable intensity to ensure the best outcome from endoscope assisted procedures.

Until now, this has required the use of a large, heavy, bench-top light source and a light guide tether. The Acera Light Source eliminates both of these cumbersome devices, with equal or better light quality and intensity.

The Acera Difference

The excellent color rendering index (CRI) of the Acera handheld Light Source enables doctors to discriminate between very subtle shades of tissue color. 

The variable intensity control, right on the handle of the scope, allows instant brightness adjustment by the operator.

Available in both battery-operated and mains operated models (for continuous operation), the Acera light source provides the best quality, highest intensity light available anywhere, at any price.

Instant Conversion of Existing Scope

Any endoscope with an industry-standard light guide connector can be instantly converted to a fully portable, lightweight, battery powered device by simply plugging-in an Acera Battery Powered Light Source.

The Acera Handheld Light Source is ‘soakable’ (i.e. can be disinfected with common chemicals). The hand-piece (with the battery removed) is available in an autoclaveable version.

The Acera LED lighting and power module is IXP7 submersible compliant (water resistant).
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At MassMEDIC’s MedTech Forum in November 2017

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