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Being a good partner has many requirements

“Acera is very creative and responsive to our needs. We look forward to a lasting relationship with them”

S. Miike, CEO

“The embedable light source helped us to expand our customers’ product lines with the easily integrated module”

T. Gauvin, VP S&M

“Because of Acera’s lensing technology the LED light system provides far more directed lumens than we thought possible”

M. Austin, CEO

“This looks great… nice job! Can’t beat the form factor.
This does it all in a very compact package.”

J. Plouffe, VP Sales

The Acera TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Lens is a Winner in LED's Magazine

2016 & 2017  – “Sapphire Award for Best Enabling Technology” 2018 – “Sapphire Award for Specialty SSL Design”

We design leading products that fit your needs

Acera products are available for all medical and industrial applications. Products range from complete, ready-to-use handheld light sources to components for O.E.M. manufacturers and systems integrators. Private labeling is available.


Borescope and endoscope use in industrial applications is often severely hampered by the bench-top light source and tethered light guide because of limited mobility.


Medical professionals require very high quality light with easily variable intensity to ensure the best outcome from endoscope assisted procedures.


Our light source comprises patented technology and components which enable an unprecedented amount of light from an LED to be focussed into an optical fiber.

Partner with Acera, the leader in Endoscopic LED lighting

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