Super Bright LED Lighting Module Easily Integrated into Endoscopic Designs

The most advanced portable endoscopic LED light source.

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Acera’s Patented LED Lighting Module

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2016 & 2017  – “Sapphire Award for Best Enabling Technology” 2018 – “Sapphire Award for Specialty SSL Design”

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Developer Kit

A custom comprehensive kit of components designed to enable you to experiment with this leading-edge technology in your lab. Each kit is assembled and quoted based on your specific requirements.

The Acera Lighting Module comprises patented technology and components which enable an unprecedented 90% of the light from an LED to be focused into an optical fiber light guide. This gives you a combination of patented optics with best in class LED all housed in a plug and play unit for easy attachment of electronics to a powerful light source. This compact high-quality device is made with pride in Massachusetts, USA. Color Temperature…………………………..nominal 5000 K (CCT) Light source intensity……………………………………..210 Lumens Patented Optical Module……… delivers up to 90% of the light Choice of components based on your needs:
  • (2) LED optic modules with insulators and wires and sockets, 12” long
  • (2) Universal Scope Adapters
  • (2) ACMI Scope Adapters
  • (2) Wolf Scope adapters
  • (2) Fiber light guide adapters, threaded. (specify fiber diameter)
  • (2) LED controller boards, (supplied potted)
  • (2) large potentiometers
  • (2) mini-potentiometers
  • (2) heat sinks
  • (2) battery sleds and connector boards
  • (2) wiring diagrams

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