Acera LLC Supporting Gloucester Biotech Academy Students

Acera LLC a Beverly, Massachusetts based medical device start-up announced today they are providing a professional interviewer to Gloucester Biotech Academy (GBA) in support of the class of 2020’s preparation for internships in the spring of 2020. Students will have the opportunity to practice their interview skills and receive constructive feedback to help them become more confident before they begin searching for a spring internship. The internship is the GBA students’ opportunity to exercise the previous two semesters training into the largest biotech cluster in the world here in Eastern Massachusetts.

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s hands-on training program prepares students for careers as entry-level technicians in biotechnology laboratories. The unique lab-immersion curriculum integrates modern laboratory techniques with authentic industrial workflows to generate practical results and enthusiasm for science. Ample coaching combined with repeated protocols allows students time to perfect their lab technique. Graduates of this innovative program have shown that an immersive, hands-on curriculum can lead to successful careers as entry-level laboratory technicians.

In addition to technical laboratory training, students are taught valuable professional career skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, critical thinking, and interview basics.

Students who successfully complete the two semesters of the lab-immersion curriculum are invited to participate in three-month, paid-internships at prestigious biotech companies on the North Shore and greater Boston area.

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